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How can I redeem in Europe for family of four?

Question asked by piccia on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by brightlybob

Hi all,


I'm a Platinum member and have just joined the community here. I've been searching for a while and am not finding definitive answers to this question. I need to redeem in Amsterdam and Rome and possibly other cities for my myself and my wife and 2 kids. It seems advice is simply to call Marriott Rewards and discuss. But I would appreciate any other help in determining how to book rooms that can accommodate 4 people. We travel light and don't need highly spacious rooms, but searching renders zero availability anywhere if you put 4 guests into the search and include the 'use points' field.


I certainly don't want to start a thread for something that has been answered. By all means, link to threads that cover this if I haven't found the right thread.


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Brentwood, TN