Waikoloa Beach Resort a Disappointment

Discussion created by wb on Jan 23, 2016
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My wife and I stayed the 6th and 7th of January 2016 at this hotel and came away with a bad taste in our mouths.  No one thing was overwhelming, but there was an accumulation of events that led me to believe that the hotel systematically cuts corners at every opportunity.  I have been Platinum Premier for several years and have on the high side of 1000 nights in various Marriott properties.  I suppose I anticipated some acknowledgement of that, but that turned out to be wishful thinking.  On arrival at about 11:30 am, I inquired about a upgrade.  I was told I would have to wait till 4 pm and see if they had rooms.  Fair enough, but I noticed the parking lot was only half full, so I was a bit suspicious.  I asked about the concierge lounge and was told there were none any any resorts.  I asked about breakfast arrangements for high status members such as is common at full service Marriotts.  None of that either.  This may well be Marriott policy.  This is the first time I stayed at a "Resort", and will probably be the last.  We then got a room with a view of the back side of another building.  They also pointed out that they were going to put a hold on my credit card for $75 per night to cover any expenses I might run up above my card limit.  Financially, this was not an issue for me, but it did make me feel that the property systematically regarded guests as possible deadbeats.  I'd never run into that anywhere else.  They told me all Marriotts do that, but if so, it was the first time anybody had said anything about that to me.  Probably a good idea in the eyes of their cost accountants, but did not do a lot to make one feel their loyalty is appreciated.  Next came the towel card.  To get a towel at the pool, we had to surrender our towel card, and were told that if we didn't bring those towels back , we would not get our towel card back, and would get no more towels for the stay.  If one checks out without their towel card, they are charged an extra $25 for the towels they lost or stole.  I will acknowledge a hotel has to hang onto their towels.  I didn't feel like they wanted to hang onto their customers quite as much.   The wireless was intermittent.  I never really nailed it down, but it seems that one has to re sign in every 8 hours as opposed to once a day at most properties.   I asked for a 1 PM check out, supposedly guaranteed  for Gold and Platinum members.  Not there.  I was told I could wait, packed and  ready to leave till 1100, and ask again  Their guarantee was strictly on a space available basis.  I pushed back at the desk and was told the agent would have to discuss it with his manager, and off he went.  The sensation was rather like negotiating to buy a car.   He came back and told me they would allow a 1PM check out this time.  Finally, when I checked my rewards account, I had accrued something on the high side of 1200 points total for the stay.  At $187 per night for just the room (not including parking, restaurants, gift shop etc) the point total should be (187*2*10)*1.5 plus the customary bonus.  This comes at a minimum to 5610.  By contrast, we had stayed one night in Honolulu at a Courtyard at $177 per night and got a higher point credit.  Not sure how they figured the award, but it seems really low.  All of these things are minor issues, but taken together they equaled a stay that was consistently annoying.  Not what one should expect from a Marriott  resort.  I cannot recommend this place.