Help...Marriott rewards member whose room was robbed by housekeepers

Discussion created by bucky76034 on Jan 23, 2016
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Has anyone ever had their room robbed while staying at Marriott? I have stayed in 100's of Marriott rooms and never had it happen but it did on Christmas Eve last year. My wifes wedding ring was stolen from our room at the Fairfield Inn in Williamsburg VA while we were out of the room sometime between 10AM and 6PM. We filed a police report and an initial investigation found only 2 keys swiped into the room during this time...the housekeeper and there supervisor.


We since have learned from the police detective that this particular hotel has had numerous reported thefts over the last 3 months and has been under continued surviellance and investigation. Unfortunatly, my ring has not been recovered and nearly 1 month later the case is still open. The hotels manager, Cathy Patton has been of NO help and basically blamed me for the ring being stolen. She no longer will return any of my phone calls or emails. The hotels insurance company (Hartford) called me back within 2 hours of receiving the case and denied it telling me they found no fault of the hotel.


Do i have any hope here for anything? I dont even know who to contact to try and escalate the situation. If you are ever in Williamsburg VA, avoid this particular hotel at ALL costs.