Automatic status renewal by Marriott!

Discussion created by fistuk on Jan 22, 2016
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As always, status changes occur after the 31st of January.

Since I didn't make 75 nights this year I was quite sure I'll have to either buy back my status or ask for a challenge at the beginning of next month. However, I just spoke to customer care on the phone and by the way asked them regarding my status expiry date. I thought I'll hear it's going to be downgraded starting February 1st, but I was surprised to hear that my platinum status was renewed for another year - until 2017!

Since I wasn't notified about this and occasionally just found out, I asked how did this wonderful thing happened?

Here's what I was told:

Marriott's corporate office reviews all statuses at the end of each year and based on three years of elite nights earning they decide if to extend our statuses or not. Because I did 160+ nights during the last three years I was qualified to get a platinum extension!!

This goes the same way for gold and silver statuses (total amount of nights required decreases accordingly, not sure how many required for each though...).

So if you're unaware of your status faith don't buy it back or ask for a challenge until you made sure it wasn't extended automatically.

Absolutely good news!!! 


Message was edited by: fistuk UPDATE: I managed to acquire the missing info, so here are the full details of the tenure renewal promotion (based on 3 years of elite nights earnings): Platinum Elite Level: earned 160+ Nights. Gold Elite Level: earned 99+ Nights. Silver Elite Level: earned 25+ Nights.