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Marriott Resorts Sales Calls High Pressure Sales

Question asked by sarah on Jan 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by pd315

We received a sales call today from what was supposed to be Marriott Resorts trying to get us to buy a package with all sorts of free gifts. We were actually interested because one offered more thsn one room and we wanted to check with family to see if they were interested. When I stated we could not make a decision immediately on the phone without talking with family we were politely hung up on. 


This his type of high pressure sales to supposedly high value customers (lifetime platinum and generally over 100 nights a year) that travel to Marriott Resorts (just returned from Desert Ridge in Phoenix) does not reflect well on Marriott. 


I would expect some very interested customers would need a day to make a decision. This type of sales tactic for Marriott Resorts and I assume the Vacation Club makes feel less valued as a very loyal Marriott Customer.


Do any other Rewards members have similar experiences?