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When you visit a tropical destination, do you hang by the pool/beach every day and bask in all the amenities the resort has to offer? Or do you partake in off-site activities like guided day tours, scuba diving, snorkeling, boat rides, parasailing, ATV tours, swimming with dolphins, etc.?


I always do at least one off-site activity, and try to make it an all-day event if possible. If I can find one that involves diving into the local culture, that’s even better! I love seeing how locals live, learning about their history, and of course, eating their native food


When my boyfriend and I went to Riviera Maya earlier this year, we went on a day tour called Coba Maya Adventure to the ancient ruins (more about our experience climbing the ancient pyramid Nohuch Mu on this thread: https://www.rewards-

The entire day was amazing, but one of the most special parts was a ceremony with an old healer (shaman) of the village. He said a prayer, burned local flowers and spices, and "blessed" us all. After that, we ate a home-cooked lunch from the women of the village that included a chicken stew, corn tortillas that were made right in front us, different salsas and black beans. It was absolutely delicious, and it was fascinating to get a quick snapshot into their daily lives by visiting the village. That day trip also included rappelling down a mountainside, zip lining over a lake, kayaking, swimming in beautiful fresh water cenotes (which were SO beautiful), and the tour of Coba. The trip was adventure filled & well-rounded, and we’d recommend it to anyone visiting the area!



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