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Question asked by clebert on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by iahflyr

Need a FS hotel near DFW.  Grand Hyatt connected to the train is $509/night, so no thank you!  Anyone know anything about the 2 FS Marriotts near DFW?  One is DFW North and the other DFW South?  We are flying AA domestic with a one-night stay at DFW. Spouse prefers FS so FFI, CY, SSI, T, and RI are not going to win me any points in the marriage department.


Same question about CLT.  Have a layover there.  Only nearby FS Marriott-branded property appears to be a Renaissance Suites that is fairly expensive.  Any comments about that?  Not sure it's worth $200/night or 25,000 points.  Might have to convince Spouse that SHS, FFI, etc., are better.  Any recommendations for something near CLT?