Advice on Merging Accounts vs. Transferring Points & Taking a Gold Challenge?

Discussion created by mweiss on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2020 by rinny54

I frequently travel for work and have achieved gold-level status with right under 50K points. I decided to join forces with my man-friend (domestic partners is what I suppose we're supposed to call ourselves) who recently got the Marriott card and added me as an additional cardholder so we could work toward the same goal together on a single account. Here's the problem:

  • He provided my member# at the time he opened the account, but when it came in the mail they had opened an account under his name which was tied to his awesome benefits.
  • I know I can transfer my points for free (I believe), but I don't want to start from silver status again.


How do you all recommend I go forward?

  • Transfer my points & request Gold status from Marriott on his new account?
  • Transfer my points & take a Gold Challenge?
  • Is it even possible for me to tie his Marriott card to my account (and transfer all the goods with it?)
  • Any other options that are better than what I've come up with so far?


Thanks in advance for your advice!