Insiders Meetup Hotel Announcement - JW Houston Galleria

Discussion created by bejacob on Jan 20, 2016
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Hey Insiders. We promised an announcement on the venue for the meetup in Houston on September 16 and 17, 2016. Here it is.


Your hosts brightlybob and bejacob (and honorary hosts iahflyr and misterchk) will be hanging out at the JW Houston (Galleria)

Houston Galleria Hotels | JW Marriott Houston Galleria


Don't go to the downtown Houston JW, we won't be there.


All Insiders are welcome to join us. Don't expect us to throw a lavish party. We'll be crashing the Concierge Lounge or hiding out in a corner of the hotel bar. As Bob said in the discussion Re: Who's up for the Insiders meetup in Houston on 16th and 17th September? there is no real organisation, sorry organization. It will just be some of us hanging out and taking our "prescription meds" (that is the right term, isn't it, jerrycoin?) Anyway, we don't really have a plan for the weekend, so I guess we'll have to make it up as we go. Come for one night, or join us both Friday and Saturday (and maybe for breakfast in the CL on Sunday). CL which was rumored to open during the weekend is, in fact, closed.


Anyone definitely attending may wish to make reservations now. I suggest using the AAA rate (or the senior rate if you're 62 or older). Both are $135/night. Even if you don't qualify for the discounted rate, use it anyway, We'll see if we can get the hotel to honor that price for our Insider meetup.


Bob's got a list (somewhere) of those who've indicated they plan to be there (and those still on the fence). Not that we'll be taking attendance. It's just nice to get an idea of who to expect. I look forward to seeing again those I've met, and meeting those with whom I've just corresponded on Insiders.


As they say in Texas, "Y'all come see us."

At least I think that's what they say in Texas.