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JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa Review, Part 4 The Last Night and Summary

Question asked by iahflyr on Jan 17, 2016
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Our last full day we were met with another gorgeous day and view from or breakfast table.


We enjoyed the pool while visiting with new friends we had made sharing our Marriott experiences as well as other travel topics, another GC appetizer was brought out just after noon followed a few hours later with Chips and Pico de Gallo.  We had to indulge in some Margarita's also once Abelardo announced to the seven of us around the pool, "HAPPY HOUR, Tequila, Margarita's, Mas Tequila pour some more"!!   Hey he stole my saying........for some reason today they seemed to be a little stronger, but who cares we're on vacation.

As they day passed on it was time to get ready for another trip to San Jose' as they have an Art Festival each Thursday night.  What a deal as we were looking for a local painting to bring home with us as well as our last dinner in Mexico for this trip. Getting dressed to go out found this little guy in an Ultra-light decided to land on the beach and then take-off again, not sure I'd do that as soft as the sand was but he made it just fine.


Another taxi was hailed and again our room number requested as we took the short drive into town.  The festival was in the town square with lots of items to look at.  We settled on a local artists 6" x 6" oil based finger painting on ceramic tile in a rustic wood frame.  And yes it fit nicely into my roll-a-board for the trip home!!


We had to again return to The View where we met our new GC friends for a drink before they headed off to dinner and we wandered a little longer down in the festival.  Everyone again was just as friendly as can be, even willing to offer us dinner suggestions.  As we walked up the street behind the Cathedral I stumbled upon Mi Casa Restaurant - Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico which is another open air courtyard spot that was again a perfect place to dine and enjoy the evening, even if it was a bit cooler night than before.  They gave us a table right next to the water fall fountain, again perfect.



I cannot overstate again how good the service was in this place as well.  Since we were going to share another meal and were sipping on what seemed to be some of the largest Margarita's in the world no appetizer needed would be needed as they staple of Chips and Salsa (both red and green) was plenty.  We opted for La Pechuga de Pollo a la Talla, you guessed it Tender Chicken Breast rubbed in a dry chile paste, slowly grilled over charcoal, served with Rice, Beans and Guacamole.  Okay campers, we've had some wonderful food on this journey, but this was the Presidente' of "flavor town" right here ladies and gentleman.  Wasn't overly spicy just right and perfectly grilled, it would have made me proud to pull this off my grill and serve it to guests.  Sorry no picture as we got into it very fast and by the time I thought of a picture I was seen licking the plate I think!   It was time to head down the street and find a taxi home, and guess what, this place would accept gratuities on the credit card.  I had learned my lesson and had enough cash money on hand to give them a proper tip for the food and service they provided.


Back to the hotel we went and another Bellman asking for our room number which I still forgot to inquire about.....oh well.

Since it was well after the 6PM-8PM GC Happy Hour we opted to get a glass of Wine at the bar in Cafe' Des Artist. Eduardo again welcomed us back and still remembered out names and room number from the first two nights.  Not real sure what we did to have him remember us, but it was nice regardless.  Time to say bye bye to Eduardo and the Piano player saying "we will be back soon" and thanked them for all their wonderful service and fun times.  Since no sunset the last two night as we were in town here is another view from our second night.



Friday morning dawned and it was time to have our last breakfast, pack and shower to head to the SJD for our 1:50 PM departure back home to IAH.  Breakfast was another outstanding meal sitting outside around the fire pits.  Time to say good bye for now to our splendid Hosts and Servers as well as grease their hand a bit with some USD.  They were so wonderful to have around and get to know the different personalities and we cannot wait to schedule a return visit to this beautiful spot in the world.  Fabulous resort and time was had by both of us as well as those who we met on this trip. Nobody we talked with could say anything other than how well it was done and the gorgeous views we had at this place.

As we walked to the lobby and then Bell Stand with Martin who met us when we arrived was had a sad face come over us as we really did not want to leave.  Darn, what a special place and we are so lucky to be able to make trips like this, very very blessed and THANK YOU JW Marriott Resort and Griffin Club!!

The 25 minute ride to the airport went by quickly with a very talkative driver who spoke very good English.  I learned a quick lesson after standing in line for some 15 minutes to get out boarding pass from the counter.  Right next to the escalator from the ticket lobby there are about 10 kiosks where you can select your airline and if only have carry-on luggage you can print your boarding pass there.  So if you're last getting to the airport remember to look for them.  Through security rather fast for the number of people in line and it was off to get a beverage before we leave. 

It was very good to be back home and just in time before some huge thunderstorms hit IAH about 20 minutes after we landed, but we sure did miss the Mexico hospitality and fun we had.  We have the memories which will last a lifetime and will make more soon.  For those of you that have come along so far you know exactly how much we've enjoyed our time on this short five night trip. It has been just perfect with everything from the weather, to the resort, to the food, to the people and finally the impeccable service we've had from all. 

To summarize things, the Griffin Club was something else.  The entire resort was something else as well, just not quite as incredible service wise as what we experienced.  Only thing I would offer them and did to the Food/Bev Manager of the Griffin Club was to have something more than nuts and a few small dessert items out during the open bar time each evening.  Others mentioned it as well that when you go to a Concierge Lounge in those hours you'll find some type of food to eat from a Salad or Appetizer with Fresh Fruit to almost a complete meal at some spots.  He thanked us for offering that idea to him and would talk to the GM of the hotel about this issue. 


Would we go to this resort again, absolutely.  Would be upgrade to the Griffin Club again, absolutely as long as they do not raise the price of the upgrade as often happens after a new place has been open for a while.  All in all, even a small price increase we believe is still worth the expense on a vacation such as this.


Thank you all for taking a trip to Mexico with us and may all your travels be as remarkable as this was to us.