JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa Review, Part 3 Downtown San Jose'

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After another completely relaxing day of pleasure on the beach and around the pool it was time to get a taxi and head into San Jose' Del Cabo to wander about, do some shopping and enjoy dinner at a local restaurant.  My Wife was dying to have some fresh Lobster so we asked Juan Carlos one of the GC Butlers for his recommendation.  He gave us a few names, but said the best would be at Don Sanchez Restaurant a must do in San Jose del CaboDon Sanchez which is on the main road leading to the town square and Cathedral.

With that information we headed for the front door of the hotel and asked the Bell Man for a taxi to town, the 10-15 minute ride would cost $15 USD.  The taxis in San Jose' are much different than other places we've visited in Mexico.  They all appear to be newer Vans or Suburban style vehicles that are spotless, working air-conditioning and the drivers speak broken English yet not difficult to understand.  Something I'd never experienced before at any International hotel/resort, the Bellman who got us the taxi asked for our room number which he wrote down, hmmm interesting I thought.

We were dropped off in the town square to begin our adventure of shopping and more as we found San Jose' to be quaint, very very clean, extremely safe with happy people and a very colorful little town.


We walked around some and stopped by a few shops looking for some ceramic serving dishes which were a plenty all over town.  In between going in and out of shops we'd stop at a restaurant and check their menus and without fail the owner or Host would tell us about all their fresh fish and specials for the evening.  A great fun time being out among-st the locals.



Ahhh, it was Happy Hour always so of course had to stop for a drink.  Found this cute joint upstairs called The View so of course it was mandatory that we find the door to go upstairs.



A glass of wine each as the sunset was happening, time to eat.  We passed Silver and Leather shops, Cuban Cigar shops, Liquor Stores, Clothing Shops when I saw a spot that looked intriguing.....



The Manger or at least he acted like he was showed us around and told us they had fresh grilled Lobster which lit up the eyes of my Wife.  The place was very pretty inside with an open air courtyard that almost dragged you into this place.  The menu looked great, but we were heading to the spot Juan Carlos had recommended.  As we walked into Don Sanchez it was again beautiful inside, but seemed to lack the personality we wanted was a little stuffier than we wanted as well.  The kicker for the Wife, their Lobster was Sauteed and neither of us wanted that.  Back to Tequila it was without even stopping to look elsewhere as it was nearing dinner time and I was hungry.



After being seated at a secluded table for two next to a huge Banyan Tree we were quickly given Ice Water, Wine menu and Chips-n-Salsa.  Yummo, fresh Salsa is tough to beat so I had to try it and was not disappointed in the least.  After getting the run down on the specials and Lobster which would come with three tails which we decided to split ,we ordered an appetizer called Shrimp Bomb.  This thing comes in a little lightly fried Pastry Pocket filled with little Bay Shrimp, must have been something like 300 little Shrimp in this and was it ever good. 


Not finding any White Wine that suited our taste buds we settled on a glass each of Prosecco that appeared almost instantly after we ordered it.  The service here continued to be top notch just as it was at the JW Resort.  A toast to an awesome trip and our entree was at the table.  As promised three Grilled Lobster Tails with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus on top.  Looked like it was time to dine!!!!



Sure glad we split this because the tails were ginormous and nicely grilled, although the Mrs. thought her first was slightly overcooked, hog wash I said (or something similar) and promised to not make her split the last tail with me.  

No dessert and the bill came, only downer on the entire day.  We were charged the correct prices however; the Waiter tells us the propina  had to be in cash money.  Well there was a problem as we needed taxi fare back to the resort and we had spent almost all of the cash we had taken with us from the safe.   So I signed the credit card and put what USD we could in the bill folder which ended up being about 15 % so I didn't feel real bad just that the service would normally lend itself to a much higher percentage in my mind.  As we left I asked the Manager why the refused to accept a gratuity on the card to which he replied "that's what the owner wants as they government takes 34% of the gratuity on a card".  That seems like a high rate to me, but what do I know anyway about that stuff.  So lesson learned and filed away.

We walked around the town some more to help us not to feel so stuffed before we hailed another well maintained taxi back to the resort.  Arriving at the hotel when the Bellman opened the Van door to let us out he again asked for our room number, yet I did not ask why they wanted it and never did before we left either.  Guess it's just a nice touch to know which guests end up in jail and which return.