Earning nights - 10 nights for room blocks?

Discussion created by mw104 on Jan 18, 2016
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Last week I received the annual Gold Elite pamphlet mailer, and on the page where it talks about earning elite nights, it states:


"Hold a meeting or special event or reserve a block of rooms -- earn 10 nights"


I have been trading emails with MR for a few days, seeking clarification on this- and have been told that you must have a meeting/event and room block in order to receive the 10 elite nights.  This is not what is printed in the pamphlet.


Has anyone had experience with this?


I'm looking to arrange some travel plans for a group of friends, and we will have multiple room blocks across various Marriott properties this summer, but there are no events/meetings associated with them.  They way the pamphlet reads, I would receive 10 elite nights for each (min 10 room) block that is filled at participating properties.


Any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.