JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa Review, Part 2 Just Relaxation

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JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa Review, Part 1 The Arrival

Continuing on,


The morning of our second day brought along a nice cool start, but the sun was sure going to warm it up in a hurry.  Breakfast time at the GC was not a spectacular spread, but just about the perfect way to start the day.  Again sorry no photos as dumb a&& kept forgetting to bring the camera along, ya'd think after a few days I would have figured it out!


Breakfast consisted of:

  • Refried Black Beans
  • Small little Hash Brown style Potato Cakes
  • Fingerling Potato slices
  • Sausage and Bacon
  • A Ham Square about 6" x 6" to slice
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Scrambled Egg Whites with Jalapeno slices
  • Meat and Cheese tray
  • Sliced Fruit as well as Apples, Pears and Bananas
  • Pastry and Breads
  • Grapefruit and Orange Juice
  • Water, Soda and Beer (always available)


Of course the first day I just had to fill the plate up which I did and we wandered outside to sit at a table overlooking the pool and ocean.  The food was prepared perfectly and very tasty.  It was strange they did not have any Salsa or Pico de Gallo, but upon asking for some Jose appears a few minutes later with a freshly made bowl of Salsa, awesome.  Each morning there would be a slightly different offering such as Cactus (which was very interesting and tasty), Carrot wedges or Sauteed Mushrooms in place of one of the Potato dishes. 


After breakfast and another walk around the entire resort it was time for a walk on the beach.  View of the GC and Building G which is the first building with 44 rooms with the four suites at the very end of the building.





The beach has very soft sand as you walk closer to the dunes, yet gets much firmer the closer you get to the water as the waves washing up make it much easier to walk.  The water was about 70 degrees I'd guess and oh so clear and blue.  Not many people on the beach at all nor in the water as the resort had black flags along their property.  We did see a group of three from the resort go in the water, but only under the direct supervision of one of the resort Security Guards that stand at the top of the stairs coming from the beach.  He stood there at the edge of the water with his life saving gear the entire 30 minutes or so they were in the ocean. 


We spent most of our time at the pool visiting with other GC guests or making our way over to Kaha Bar which is one of the two different swim up bars to enjoy some "prescribed meds" while resting against the edge of the infinity pool.  The service again excellent and friendly.  They are very precise on their pouring so do not expect any extra on your first or second drink, but after that you get a bit extra as you get more lubricated!   They do keep the pools at a nice temperature for all to enjoy and the hot tubs are plenty warm if that is to your liking.


While hanging out at the GC pool you could find Jose', Abelardo, Ulises, or the Butlers keeping eyes on us all.  If they even suspected you needed anything it was right there in seconds.  They kept us with bottled water on ice a couple of times a day as well as a light appetizer which this day turned out to be Tomato Caprese.  Just the perfect snack a few hours after breakfast.




Another day the appetizer was Salmon and Pesto on a Crostini.  A few hours afterwards in the middle of the afternoon is when you'd get the Chips, Pico de Gallo and Guacamole brought around.  Always kept our glasses refreshed if we had drinks or if you wanted Beer they'd get that for you as well.  Top notch service and always smiling looking to please the guests.

One afternoon some new guests appeared out at the pool and wanted a wine list.  Cafe' Des Artist was not open as yet so they had no wine list available.  A short period of time later Jose' walks up to them with the wine list he absconded with from the restaurant.  They asked for a particular flavor that was not available from the regular wine storage area so they'd have to wait until 5 PM when the restaurant opened in order to access a higher end wine cabinet.  Some 20 minutes later here comes Jose' smiling with what appeared to be a Food/Beverage Manager from the restaurant who had that specific bottle of wine in his hands.  Seriously, Jose' found this guy and got them their requested wine, great job Jose'.

Time to head to the room, shower and watch another gorgeous sunset before heading down to Happy Hour then a light dinner at Cafe' Des Artist.



Each day was so incredibly wonderful and we ended each evening sitting around a fire pit with some wine before sitting out on the balcony without a care in the world.  We had yet to venture off the resort so coming up next, going to downtown San Jose' Del Cabo.