Smokin In The Back Yard

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Come on Insiders, give us your stories of your smoking and grilling times even in the winter!


I defrosted a small Pork Loin that we cut in half some weeks back into the refrigerator last evening after rubbing it with Onion Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic Powder, Smoke Paprika, Ground Pepper and a touch of Oregano.  It sat overnight and about an hour before it went on to the heat I took it out of the refrigerator to get near room temperature.

Got the little tiny charcoal grill out of the garage where I keep it and brought the Weber charcoal starer out, fired it up with some newspaper in the bottom and poof, we had a flame.  Soaked Apple wood chucks in water for about 45 minutes and while the fire cooled to 275 degrees took the wood from what water.  Time to put the Pork on the grill and get the smoke going.  

After having the Pork Loin in the little grill smoking for 90 minutes the internal temperature was 140 degrees.  I closed all teh vents on the grill and let is sit for another 10 minutes which raised the internal temperature up to 147 degrees and put it on a plate to rest in the house.  WOW.......the aroma was so nice and the Pork looked like it wanted to be put on a bun with Cole Slaw and some Vinegar to make a Carolina flavored pork sandwich.  No this is Pork Loin..........as much as I love Carolina BBQ this is for another day.

After resting it for 20 minutes we sliced it thin and OMG, how wonderful a flavor to got along with an Avocado, Tomato, Basil and Italian dressing Salad.............Taste it!



Come on my Insider griller/smoker buds the likes of jerrycoin and foxglove, let us get those grills and smokers going in 2016.