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St Kitts Marriott Resort

Question asked by worldtraveller999 on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2016 by clebert

I just wanted to pass along my experience with the St Kitts Marriott Resort.  I recently travelled to St Kitts for a quick weekend getaway with my girlfriend.  My stay began with the front desk putting us in a room that was already occupied.  We walked in on a family that was changing clothes which was very uncomfortable for all parties.  After finally getting into our new room, we went to the beach to take a walk, only to have the staff politely chase us away as they were in the middle of doing a promotional photo shoot for the hotel.  Since we couldn't walk on the beach, we decided to go for dinner.  During check in, the clerk told us that one of the restaurants was serving a fried fish special. We asked if we needed reservations and were told that it wouldn't be necessary as the occupancy at the hotel wasn't high.  When we went to the restaurant, we were told that reservations were needed but she would fit us in.  I am not a fan of fried fish and asked to see a menu but was told that they only served the special (fried fish) for the night.  I asked if it would be possible if I could order something from another restaurant on the property and bring it in as my girlfriend really wanted to do the fish fry, They said it would be ok so I ordered food as we waited for the table.  After one and a half hours of waiting, we were told that there was no more fish and she could have lobster instead.  At this point, she was starving and we were out of options so she ordered the lobster which took another 45 minutes.  By the time her food came, the dish I ordered was cold and inedible.  There were several other parties at the restaurant who waited very long to also find out they were out of fish.  We ended up spending over $75 dollars on food we didn't eat.  Unfortunately, the first day put a cloud over our entire trip and needless to say we ate off property for the remainder of the trip.



Upon checking out, I relayed this story to the manager on duty who was apologetic and said he would make it up to me with additional Marriott points.  After 2 weeks and not seeing any points credited to my account, I called and spoke to the another manager.  Again I received apologies and promises to make things right.  Well it's been an additional 2 weeks and nothing still.  This is not the kind of service that I'm used to as a Marriott Platinum member.  If you're planning a Caribbean vacation, I'd steer clear of St Kitts!