Who's up for the Insiders meetup in Houston on 16th and 17th September?

Discussion created by brightlybob on Jan 13, 2016
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Firstly, can I thank everyone who contributed to the enormous Atlanta or Houston thread. I was genuinely shocked at the number of responses.


This is now the follow-up! With opinions pretty evenly split and most responders indicating they'd attend either venue offered, I've chosen, pretty capriciously I hasten to add....


Drum roll... Oh, it's in the title so you already know...





Drat and double drat!


Well it's Houston at the JW Marriott Downtown for the weekend of Friday 16th and Saturday 17th September.


I will be there on both the Friday and Saturday nights propping up the bar, and you can come for either night, or for the whole weekend. Whatever takes your fancy... But mines a double, and seeing as I'll be in no fit state I've brought on board our resident Houston expert and tweedledee, iahflyr and his very own tweedledumberer, misterchk!


Also I've had a few messages asking what the plan is. Well just to reassure you all, there isn't one! Do I look like a planner? misterchk is talking to the JW about a reduced rate that will qualify for points and getting us key access to the exec lounge and maybe some free snacks and drinks. We'll ask for a tour for those saddos like me who are interested in how a hotel is run, but no, no gala reception, no black-tie dinner. Just 2 nights beer and banter!


Also, as remarked by iahflyr on our first thread, although most airlines fly to IAH, a few do fly to HOU (most notably SouthWest) so don't restrict your flight searches just to IAH as you may miss out on some cheaper deals, or better flight times at HOU!