JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa Review, Part 1 The Arrival

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Our long awaited trip to Los Cabos has arrived and we were all set having checked in for our United flight from Houston the day before. I had arranged for round trip transfer from Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) to the Cabo Resorts - Hotels | JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa with Epic Travel through the hotel Concierge. 

We arrived into SJD early in spite of a huge headwind, dashed through Customs and Immigration with our roll-a-boards and backpack, past luggage claim (yeah) then through the Timeshare and Transportation arena and exited the Terminal 2 where United and all International airlines are found.  Exiting the Terminal building we instantly saw our Epic Travel contacts holding a JW Marriott sign dressed exactly as we were told in their Maroon shirts and Khaki pants.  We were greeted warmly and gave them our name, immediately we were ushered to our waiting brand new Suburban for the 25-30 minute trip to the resort.  Our driver Daniel was splendid offering to stop at the local Oxxo store just off the airport for some Cerveza which we declined as United had taken very good care of us on the 2+32 minute flight, plus we were excited to see the resort.


The resort is located in a nice upscale and newly developed area called Puerto Los Cabos.  Drum roll please!!


We are here, beautiful.  We are met by friendly smiling happy Bellmen who ask our name while Martin grabs out luggage and escorts us to the reception area just off the main open air hallway that leads out toward the gorgeous Sea of Cortez where we get our keys to the room.  We had decided to try the Griffin Club (GC) experience, but I still asked about an upgrade to which I was told none where available.  Okay, we are on the top floor of the GC so how bad can it be.  Martin then takes us to the golf cart that is our transportation for a short two minute ride to the GC.  There we are met by our two GC Butlers, Omar and Juan Carlo who greet us and would remember our first and last names the entire five night we were there.  These two are top notch and know their craft very very well. 


Juan Carlos takes us on a tour of the GC while Martin takes our luggage to the room on the 5th floor.  WOW, what a unique yet beautiful designed resort.  The grounds are very colorful with local trees and plants while being impeccably maintained.  The GC has it's own private infinity pool which is one of 13 pools at the resort.  The view of the beach and ocean are stunning, the sound of the waves soothing and the overall presence of being there already so relaxing.  So very quite around the resort as we toured since most guests from the holiday period had just left so we almost had the place to ourselves, in fact the most rooms taken at the GC during our entire stay was five, yep you read it correctly five.  Perfect for us to say the least.  Concluding our tour we entered the main GC which houses a game room and a few conference rooms (I don't want to be in a conf room while at this resort) as well as the sitting and lounge area where they serve breakfast each morning, complimentary water, soft drinks and beer, put out some afternoon snacks of chips, salsa and guacamole and have their evening open bar from 6PM-8PM.  Great view of the pool and sitting areas outside with fire pits they light each night.  Okay Juan Carlos, let us see the room!!

Up to the 5th floor which has five rooms on the floor and a short walk to G503 and find this waiting.



Had to take this picture as some Insiders are upset Marriott does not provide Mouthwash in the rooms, but this JW does!!


And yes, you do receive a Platinum Arrival gift as well if you like......full bottle of wine if you select that option.


They also have a bottle of Tahhh killya (Tequila) in each room as another excellent touch.  Not a big fan of Tequila, but this was very good and we enjoyed a few shots every day till it was gone.  The bottle is now in our bar area.



A nice sized balcony with very comfortable seating to enjoy the view of the GC pool, ocean, mountains and sunsets over the mountains.




After we said bye to Juan Carlos and thanked him for the tour it was time to unpack and get down to know the ins and outs of the resort particularly the GC areas.  The pool looked so very inviting so our first stop had to be there.



Looking from the pool back to the outdoor sitting area, fire pits and GC lounge.



WOW, what a joint and excellent weather.  Today it was 78 with a nice breeze and not a cloud in the sky.  Had to check out the beach next and of course the first sunset in Cabo.  They did it right, even have a sunset deck above one of the restaurants with a full service bar, incredible!!



It was a very wonderful trip to Cabo and exciting first afternoon at the resort.  Just after sunset it was time to head down to the GC lounge and have some wine during the open bar hours before heading over to have some appetizers at Cafe' Des Artist one of the three restaurants on property.  Juan Carlos was there and asked how we enjoyed or first afternoon then introduced us to two of the four Servers we would have keeping an eye on us during our stay, Jose' and Abelardo.  These two guys spoke very good English and were so very friendly, just as if they'd known us for years.  They kept asking if we would like our drinks refreshed and the five of us stood around just getting to know one another while another GC couple walked in and we all had a nice conversation before heading out to the sitting area.  I did let them know a couple of other Insiders (pluto77 and californian) would be on their way to the resort in coming months as a warning!!    Jose' and Abelardo kept our glasses full for about another hour before we walked around the corner to have our appetizers, no meal required after snacking in the room and lounge.

At Cafe' Des Artist we were greeted by the Ma Tre De who ushered us to our requested bar seats.  We were welcomed by Eduardo our Bartender for the evening who was very polite, professional and fun as well as an excellent Bartender. The restaurant had about six tables with guests, open air with a nice breeze flowing through, a jazz piano player that was outstanding and a romantic table sitting outside off the bar on sort of a concrete island surrounded by a fountain.  Sorry, no photos of the restaurant as camera and phone were in the room safe. 


The Ma Tre De  shows up with a gift from from the Chef, one of the freshest most tasty Cevichi' I've ever tasted, OMG!!!  A couple of glasses of wine to go along with an appetizer each at it was off to close out the night with a glass of wine from the GC lounge before they closed it for the night.  In order to get back into the GC from the restaurant which was just around the corner you were required to use your room key which keeps it very private and secluded.  After getting our wine we went out and sat in the cabana's near the pool enjoying the fire pit nearby and the rest of the evening.

More to come soon and thank you for coming along with us on our journey so far.

And the bed in our room, sooooooo very very comfortable and good night!