Backorder Marriott Redemption

Discussion created by patelshashank on Jan 9, 2016

Hello All,

I am a platinum elite member who staid at Marriott over 100 days in 2015. I love Marriott.


Just before Christmas, I redeemed 357500 reward points to order a Bose home theater audio system. On Marriott Rewards website, this item was available and after I clicked "order". The webpage printed a message that the item will be shipped in 2-4 business days.


Fast forward one week, no email notifications from Marriott rewards except for the first email which said we have received your order and its precessing. Called Marriott rewards toll free number and I was shocked to hear that item is not in stock and its a back order. Worst part is they the agents do not know what's SLA for a back order.


1. Any order - in stock or back order must have an SLA of what's the maximum amount of time that the item will be shipped.

2. Why can't Marriott rewards show certain items as back-order on the website and provide approximate ETA for each items by which they will be shipped?

3. Where can I read terms and conditions about fulfilling a redemption order for Marriott rewards? I am particularly interested in knowing SLA.