Cancun, where to stay? JW v. CasaMagna v. Ritz

Discussion created by pearlmnt on Jan 8, 2016
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My boyfriend and I are taking a trip to Cancun for 5 nights in March. We have enough points to stay at the Ritz, JW or Casamagna but we don't know which is the best deal? Also depending on value might decide to pay for it. I am currently a Platinum Elite Member, unfortunately it will go down to Gold by the time our trip comes up. Nonetheless I have been pretty lucky in the past getting room upgrades. I am hoping we get lucky again so my first question is, how well are elite members treated at either of these locations?


Secondly, nothing against children and families but we don't have kids nor want kids running around while we are trying to relax by the pool. Which location is the least and most family friendly?


I've read some complaints about the lack of shade and chairs at JW Marriott location, has anyone experienced this lately? Is this still an issue?


Regarding Elite benefits, do any of these locations offer a concierge lounge and if so how are they? If no lounge do they offer complimentary breakfast for Gold/Platinum members?


JW Marriott offer a lounge called Club 91. Is it worth the extra $150 per night?


Ritz has the club level? Is the extra $200+ per night worth it here?


We want to do a few excursions offsite so there will be days we don't spend on the hotel property. This where we are wondering if the additional fees are even worth it.


Anyone that can help share their recent experienced we appreciate it very much!