Blue Spring State Park

Discussion created by razorbackfan on Jan 7, 2016

Blue Spring State Park is located in Orange City, Florida, about an hour from the Orlando area.  The spring discharges 104 million gallons of water daily into the St. Johns River according to a brochure distributed by the Park.  It is the winter home to more than 200 manatees who swim, rest, and play in the warm 72 degree water.  Blue Spring State Park was our destination on an unseasonably warm day in December.  We probably saw at least 50 of the 200 manatees, including a mom and twins, that call this park home in the winter. 

Manatees #2.jpg


Manatees #1.jpg


Manatees #3.jpg

As you can tell, the water is clear, clear, clear, giving visitors an excellent view of the manatees.  We also took a 2-hour on the St. Johns River where we were able to see alligators, herons, egrets, and turtles.  Honestly, this trip could have taken place not far from our home in south Louisiana, but it was fun hearing the other guests ooh and aah over the wildlife.  It was an enjoyable time for everyone.