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Insiders meetup Sept 2016. Wanna join us?

Question asked by brightlybob on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by bejacob

bejacob and I are organising an Insiders Meetup mid to late September in either Atlanta or Houston. Wanna join us?




Last year I commented upon bejacob's County collecting roundup that I may be making a business trip to the US for research purposes and would like to tag along on one of his collecting trips, if possible.




Well that was last year, and this is this. bejacob and I have been trading emails back and forth for the last few days and have narrowed down dates for late September. It also occurred to us that we could arrange another insiders meetup as there hasn't been one for a couple of years. So we've narrowed down dates for an insiders meetup to Saturday 17th Sept, 24th Sept or 1st October with locations at either Atlanta or Houston.




I'm planning to fly in on a Wednesday, checkin to a Marriott for 2 nights and undertake my research on Thursday and Friday, when I'll then move over to the meetup hotel. bejacob will be joining me on the Friday evening for the weekend and on Sunday we'll be setting off to collect a few counties for 3 days. However for the weekend you're all invited to turn up and join us on either the Friday or Saturday night, or make a weekend of it and do both nights! The venue is likely to be a full service hotel, probably a Marriott or Ren, with rates running at about $150-$200 per night. We'll prop up the bar, find some local food joints and just have a good time together for the weekend.


So, to the purpose of this post, any insiders want to make the journey over to meet up? And where would you prefer? Atlanta, or Houston?




Of course, as I'm coming from England, the venue choice may be made for me by a sudden movement in airfares, but at the moment there's little difference and for both me and bejacob either venue is fine, so I'm hoping you'll give us an idea as to which city you'd prefer so that we can get as many of us all together as possible.