Winter Wonderland or Get Me Outta Here?

Discussion created by katiec on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by carat

Some people embrace the cold winter months, some people flee. How about you?


I grew up in Florida so the weather when I moved north (in January of all months) was a bit of a shock. Once the holiday sparkle wears off, winter can be dark, cold and seemingly never ending.


If you are into winter sports you might opt for even colder destinations, or if you have a great hobby (I like to work on my family tree) you might stay home. I like to take a few short trips to warm-weather destinations between January and March/April to prevent “frostbite”. A couple days in flip flops is all I need to feel like myself again. I also find that you need to go pretty far south (or southwest) to guarantee warm weather. I’ve spent a chilly weekend in Charleston in February…no flip flops possible.


I found a few Insiders threads on warm getaways:


And lindseyh's recent post got some great comments Winter is coming. Where are your favorite snow destinations?


Would love to hear from the community on how you travel in the winter. Do you visit snowy destinations or opt for warm weather? What are your top spots?

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