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marriott insider request- status challenge based on nights for a 2 month stay?

Question asked by jenniparks on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by nhtraveler

I'm currently top tier with Fairmont and mid tier with Hilton. My job has me on assignment in Cambridge at NHTSA for the next 2 months and while i've been staying at the Fairmont in Back Bay I'm thinking of shifting my business to the Marriott since it's directly across the street from NHTSA at VOLPE center. However I haven't stayed at a Marriott in about 6 years due to a poor customer experience. I'm thinking it's time to give them another shot to earn my business travel but I don't want to start with no benefits when I have full benefits at Fairmont and Hilton. I've seen info on challenges but it seems you get NO benefits until you pass the challenge and worse the challenge is based on stays not nights so if i stay for 2 months (60 days!) but it's one stay then i'm just screwed?


Can a Marriott rep speak to this? I need to book my reservations asap for this lengthy stay and want to get this sorted out before I do so I know whether to stick with Hilton and Fairmont (meh, T ride each way daily) or to switch business and business $$$ to Marriott.