Black MOLD at Chambersburg, Pa. Fairfield Inn

Discussion created by fedupplt on Jan 4, 2016
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I have stayed at this property 6 times, each time has been progressively worse than the previous stay. I recently stayed there  (convenient location for where I need to be) for the LAST time.

The staff at this hotel are all extremely friendly and polite, BUT, BLACK MOLD!!??

Getting ready in a.m. to leave, open curtain and notice mold on the window sill, not just a small line of mold but a CHUNK of growth in the corner! This had to be at least 1/2 inch thick.

Told front desk employee, she politely states, "if no one tells us we won't know".

WHAAT?? Isn't it house keeping's job to wipe and clean?

This wasn't fresh but looks like it could have been growing for months.

Who oversees or supervises the cleaning?

Bet Bill Marriott would love to see this room.


Another issue, asked where ice machines were and was told they only had one, on the first floor. Of course that machine wasn't working.... maybe the mold had creeped into the motor?