74 nights this year

Discussion created by takw on Dec 30, 2015
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I normally hit Gold and my average annual stays range from 50 to 60s nights. There was one year where i had 49 nights only, and i called customer service, they gave me the extra night so i can stay on gold.


This year, i am finishing with 74 elite night stay and i know platinum is 75 nights.

If i call and they really gave me the extra night, and made me a platinum for 2016, does that mean i will not have any rollover to next year anymore?


If i stay as gold and do not call to beg for Platinum, so i should have 24 nights rollover to next year, so with 26 nights of stay next year in 2016, i should be able to hit Gold in 2017 again. The reason why i ask is i worry i may not have as many travel next year but i would like to stick with Gold.


is my math correct?