Whats the best usage of the points for some nice Marriott hotel?

Discussion created by takw on Dec 30, 2015
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I travel for work from time to time and have racked up some points. And i am trying to get a vacation for 4 of us (me+Wife+2Yo+5Yo) to somewhere that has Pool/Beach/Sun.


We have been going to Punta Cana Paradisus Reserve for past 2 years, and we really like that type of setup.


Right now i have about 400k Marriott Points (Gold Member) and 188k AA Miles.


I am 900 points away from being a Gold on AA and the CSR called me today asked me to buy the points for $300 since i am very close to it. I refused. (Not sure if its wise - but i don't think its worth it)


Being a gold member in mariott chain, i can get into lounge access which means I can get free breakfast.


I read about Mariott Resort in Caribbean do not honor gold member for lounge/breakfast which i thought was strange.


Do you have any suggestion which Mariott Hotel In the US or Carribean/Mexico/Island (about 4 hours of flight time) is near Beach/Sun/Pool where we can go for about 10 days and using just the points? I am planning in May/June timeframe, but my days are quite flexible. Right now i have 4 Tickets on hold on AAdvantage from May 2 to May 12 for 4 of us, and that burnt 160k AA points, i have until Jan 4 to make a decision.


Or any other suggestion to make use of these points?


Thanks in advance.