Fab Four - Earn Eligible nights for redemption stays - NOT!

Discussion created by stelzer001 on Jan 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by stelzer001

So the Fab Four, so heavily promoted by Marriott, another miss. Per the announcement, stating 11/1/15, even for reward stays, nights are to be added to your eligible nights stay for the year.


I used points for a stay from 12/22/15-1/1/16. It was actually cash and points. I have the points, plus applicable bonuses posted to my account by 1/2/16. I am a Life Plat. So, even though I don't need the nights, I think a promise made should be kept. My eligible nights total is the same now as it was before the stay, yet the points have already posted.


I don't understand how this can be and why its not automatic. Another Marriott IT glitch (mock shock & disbelief overwhelms me that it could be an IT issue)


Anyone out there have any ideas, aside from calling and reporting this?


Happy New Year to all.