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Reservation canceling policy at hotels.

Question asked by 867051351 on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by misterchk

Does anyone else who is a Marriott Rewards card member have issues with the 24 hour canceling policy at many of the hotels.  My situation is we are currently on a coast to coast trip from NC to CA.  As it is winter road conditions can be iffy and trying to make a certain number of miles in any one day is somewhat iffy also.  When we try to make reservations for the end of any given day in advance we are confronted with this 24 hr. cancellation policy which I fully understand, if the hotel is full because of local demand.  Fair is fair, but my issue is if that policy should apply to those of us who not only carry a Marriott card but almost exclusively use their hotels?  I'd be curious if any others have had this issue and whether or not Marriott has addressed it?