Westchester Marriott

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used to be a avid Marriott fan and in my frequent traveling for work - would always try to choose Marriott & their chains for my stay. After a very concerning stay at a courtyard in Baltmore (waterfront area) and retiring to my newly checked in room after a very long day and night I climbed into bed - sadly to find that I had climbed into dirty bloody sheets! I was horrified - as it wasn't my blood or fluids on the sheets. They moved me to another room - which was the only other room they had available (every place around was sold out for a firemans convention in town) and they apologized offering me free breakfast. I complained and was totally freaked out about staying in a hotel again for a long time after this...imagine bloody dirty sheets with fluid and climbing into that on your bare skin! No one ever called or did anything for me in anyway even after I left and listed a complaint...not that I can even imagine how many points equal the Fear of diseases I may have contracted or just the sheer grossness of this experience!

After this and taking a break from Marriot after I had one positive experience in Napa with Marriott and wrote of my gratitude to that location ...with renewed hope I thought I had my Marriott disasters behind me, that is until = Westchester Marriot this past Nov. I had no choice as my new company made us all stay here and upon arriving I was concerned heading to my room - with some garbage in the halls and arriving at my door seeing the bolted part not lining up with the place it was originally and entering the room - it reeked of some very terrible nasty smell and the lock didn't work on the door and the room was filthy! I took photos of this and also called the front desk. The manager came up and gave excuses like I was being picky...I swore I saw bed bugs and asked him if they had an issue - he said no and moved me to another room ---now it didn't smell as bad but smelled like they just sprayed in the room and it was cleaner but still not really clean - II didn't have time to argue I was going to be late as it was meeting my new company and everyone so I left the room upon returning that night I found bugs in the bathroom - I was able to grab a photo of one and I told the front desk...they acted like I was crazy and no one cared. I left feeling itchy and gross. Upon returning home my head was itchy and I felt like I'd been bitten and ended up at the ER and having to have my place sprayed by bug professionals ----I went through the worst nightmare and to top this all off I called as I didn't thinkk I should pay the $600 for the couple nights of torture - mind you not even asking for anything else...I was emailed theyd think about my request and get back to me? After terrible time dealing with bugs and everything  brought home from this hotel and all my personal expenses from this...ER visits aren't cheap nor are prescriptions from them! II got a call from corporate stating they were sorry they checked my room by professional they were told by hotel -mind you the second room was checked and stated no bugs found..they never checked the first room...but didn't care said that's all they could do and said okay listen no refund and nothing else we can do about your bugs or problem but we will give you 25,000 points to make you happy. I said that didn't make me happy and I was really disappointed that they didn't rWally care or want to do anything else for Me. I'm very disappointed and I DID find 4 other listings of BED BUGS REPORTED for this WESTCHESTER location!!!! Sad and disappointed with Marriott...what happeneD? They used to be high class and care about their clients.