Wackiest Gifts Received

Discussion created by carat on Dec 21, 2015
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It’s that time of year again.  The worry of getting the right present and the wonderment of what you’ll receive is setting in.  And then you open it.  Now you don’t know whether to be excited or worried.  You’ve just received the wackiest gift of all, and the giver is staring at you.


The weirdest gift I ever received was from my grandparents. Normally my grandparents would give money. Much to my disappointment, they decided to change it up one year and raid an office supply closet.  I received a pack of highlighters, a four pack to be exact.  They could have been festive and sprung for the multi-colored pack, but they didn’t.  Just four, bright-yellow highlighters.  Luckily I didn’t receive a tape dispenser, like my younger cousin.  Being the gracious grandchild I, of course, told them I couldn’t wait to use them and it was the perfect gift for a high school student. I’m pretty sure those highlighters are still in the back of my old desk, unused.


I have found that the best part about receiving an unusual gift is that it’s also a great memory.  I will never forget that gift or the holiday party.  I’m not sure if my grandfather was yanking our chains that year, but I like to think he was.  Just a young-at-heart kid playing jokes on the ones he loved.


I’m sure you all have some great stories to share on this topic.  If you haven’t received a weird gift, maybe you’ve given one. If you haven’t received a weird gift, I want to hear if you’ve given one and what inspired you to do that!


Queue laughter!

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