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Need Help with Barga, Cinque Terre and Lake Como Trip - Spring 2016

Question asked by pluto77 on Dec 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by donethat

Hello Insider Friends,

We have settled on a trip back to Italy this Spring, with the focal points being the Renaissance in Barga and a trip up to Lake Como.  I need your help with planning!  I know that iahflyr, ssindc, fschumpert and now melissaerb have experience with this, along with some others, like newhiltonmembr, jerrycoin and possibly sg1974 I am hoping to glean from your experiences.  Here's some starting information... We've got up to two weeks to spend.  We've already seen Pisa, Lucca and Florence (more than once), so no need to spend any time there.  Also been to many places in the Toscan countryside, but are happy to return to such places as Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena, Greve and any other little Toscan towns that might be recommended and that we haven't seen.  We would like to also visit Cinque Terre, and while in Lake Como, perhaps head up to St. Moritz.  We would be flying out of LAX and using airline miles.  We will be using Marriott Rewards points for Barga, and feel that we need to hash this out asap, as rooms on points will go fast.



  1. Using airline miles, I assume that we will need to fly a U.S. based airline to avoid the atrocious fees/fuel surcharges that foreign airlines charge.  Where should we fly into (Milan?) and which U.S. airline serves this best?
  2. I assume we will need to rent a car for this?
  3. How much time will we need to see/enjoy Cinque Terra?  Is one day trip enough?
  4. What is the best way to visit Cinque Terre from Barga?  Car?  Train?  Or should we come in from Genoa?
  5. Is there anything else we should see besides the Duomo while in Milan?
  6. How many days should we plan for at Lake Como?
  7. Any hotel/dining recommendations for Lake Como?
  8. Dining recommendations for Barga/Toscana?
  9. Is a day trip from Lake Como to St. Moritz possible?
  10. What else are we missing?


Well, that's a start.  Please and thanks (in advance) for any help and suggestions!


- P77