Extra Points not posting

Discussion created by ndn on Dec 20, 2015
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We've all been there before when a stay posts to our account, but without the points from a platinum arrival gift or lounge-closed compensation. Well, I think it's time to FIX THIS NOW! SPG customers will NOT be tolerating what we have for so long.


In my case, a stay at the Hotel Adagio, Autograph Collection, from a bit ago just posted. My stay was wonderful, but my posted points included 1532 "extra points," which is completely wrong. I can only assume that the 1532 points were what was left of the winter Megabonus promotion. However, I should have had many more, and I fear the following were missing:


3 nights of 750 points for no lounge

1 platinum arrival gift of 500 points

1 night of green dreams 300 points for no housekeeping


TOTAL: 3050


All of these were confirmed with the hotel during my stay, but I believe they didn't post.


carat, is there somebody that can help me with this? I am not just looking for the missing points to be posted. I want a root-cause analysis performed to determine why the points did not post (e.g., not posted by hotel, technical glitch in system, etc). I want the results of that analysis sent to me in an e-mail or letter--together with the remediation steps that have been or will be performed by Marriott or its affiliates to ensure that the root cause of the missing points has been solved.


I shouldn't ever have to write in or call in for these missing "guaranteed" points. As far as I am concerned, if the points do not appear, the guarantee was not upheld--regardless of whether the hotel did everything properly.

When can this all be performed?