Marriott Little Rock AK not trustworthy

Discussion created by drcphx on Dec 18, 2015
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ttMy Wife and stayed in this downtown Little Rock Marriott Hotel one night. The Stay itself was pleasant. The problem involved the Check out. We were rushed and I left my Computer Mouse, Mouse Pad, Headphones and IPOD in the room. I called the hotel a hour later to report that I had left the items in the room. It was my fault for not checking the room for a final time. Well I got the Mouse and mouse pad back but they said the IPOD and Headphones were not to be found. I have been traveling for 15 years and have stayed over 1500 nights in Marriott and never once had a problem with missing Items until now. I guess when you leave something nice you cannot always trust the house cleaning staff to return your items That is at this hotel anyway.