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Maintaining Platinum Elite without having to buy back

Question asked by stratman560 on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by mmca723

Hello Insiders:


I am closing in on the end of my travels for 2015 and although I will at least keep gold I was curious what some of the insiders success rate has been for keeping platinum even though you never hit 75 nights.  Here's a little background on my situation.  I will stay about 52 nights this year and will be about 8 nights short of the 20 nights in three months offer I got to keep Platinum.  I understand the 20 nights is a pretty sweet deal, but I just didn't have quite enough travel to make the cut.  That being said, I have both the Marriott Reward Premier Visa Credit Card AS WELL as the Ritz Carlton Rewards Credit Card and plan on keeping them both for another year.  I say between them both I have close to $20k worth of spend, maybe more on them.  I don't know if holding both of these cards holds any weight with Marriott Rewards for the purpose of extending Platinum Privileges for another year, but do you insiders think it would be worth a call to explain that I will be short, but ask if it is possible for them to extend another year of Platinum?  I know I will always be AT LEAST gold because I have the RC Rewards card and will always put at least $10k a year on it to stay Gold, but there is no way ill ever put $75k to keep Platinum.  I sure do like the added points earning power being doubled at Platinum, plus the arrival points are a pretty nice shot in the arm as well.  Your thoughts?