Gold and Diamond deflectors want to come aboard but no love

Discussion created by perryt on Dec 15, 2015
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Hello Marriott Team,

I am a current Silver and past Platinum member.  I switched jobs and my colleagues stay at "another hotel brand" so I had to switch.  Boo!  After some time and coaxing, I have my five colleagues committed to switch from the other "big brand" to Marriott.  We are all Gold and Diamond and, among the six of us, do over 350 nights annually.  We all use the other co-branded credit card and collectively spend over $299K annually.


I called yesterday to inquire about some type of status match or stay challenge and was dismayed to be told that we couldn't come in with any status.  We were offered a stay challenge but not any meaningful, conditional, status.  Obviously, it's tough to give up Diamond status to start at the bottom with another rewards program.  Is there really nothing further that can be done?