HHonors traveler struggling to switch

Discussion created by coolusername on Dec 17, 2015
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I really want to travel with Marriott, but I'm really struggling to make it work. My company recently made an acquisition with offices close to Marriott properties. I'll be spending regular time at these locations and, given the convenience factor, I began transitioning to Marriott three months ago. On my first visit I asked to open a Rewards account and the desk associate did a lookup to make sure I didn't have an account. They said I did and gave me a number. I wasn't surprised as we all have more accounts that we can track. I gave the number to my travel department and off I went. Two months and 13 nights later I checked in at a different location and was told the rewards account was in someone else's name... my wife. She hasn't traveled in years and had actually opened the account on a vacation we took several years ago. Easy enough, I asked them to change the name on the account - which of course they couldn't and said she would need to call Rewards to get it done. She tried, they wouldn't change it. Instead they opened an account for me and transferred the points - but not the nights. So, I called in and explained how this happened due to their mistake and they said they'd take care of it. They bumped my new account to Silver and said they'd get the nights transferred - but that never happened. I'm in the middle of a 3 night stay now that was booked on my wife's number - so more nights I'll lose. As I thought my existing nights would transfer, I began to book future travel on my 'new' account and have 18 nights in future reservation before the end of Jan (11 before year end). If I hadn't been misled on my initial stay, I would finish the 2015 with 23 nights, with 13 rolling over - which means by the end of Jan, I'd already have 21 nights. However, based on my latest information from customer support, it seems I'll finish the year with only 11 nights on my 'new account' and will only roll over 1. Effectively - I'm losing 16 nights of potential rollover. I can understand how the mistake was made. I really can't understand why no one has been able to work with me to make it right. I have called Rewards support several times with no results. If I stay with Marriott I'll for sure make Gold (at least) in 2016 - but it would come later than it should. Salt in the wound is I've managed to damage my status with HHonors due to what might have been an ill advised switch. Part cautionary tale, part plea for help. I really do want to be a Marriott customer