Marriott Manila - Excellent Relaxing Vacation

Discussion created by josephk on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by jgentry

I have stayed in various Marriott properties in the US, including Four Seasons -- and I have to say, that staying here in Marriott Manila is much better than any of those locations!  The spa/jacuzzi, and pool amenities is comparable with Four Seasons, but the concierge lounge and the international breakfast buffet in Marriott Manila pushes this location up higher in the scale.  Plus the hospitality of the staff of native Filipinos makes it like home.  Always try to stay in this property whenever I come out here on vacation, and always gets impressed.  This time, got the suite, and it was superb.


Love it!


PS.  Special shout out to Aubrey Manuyag of the executive level staff for going beyond, and for her courteous, professional and friendly service!