Is it really possible to value points?

Discussion created by motiv8r on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by ericwynn

There seems to be a lot of interest and effort in this forum to value points based on a comparison of the points cost versus the cash cost of hotel rooms. But successfully doing so would require some consistency in the points pricing of rooms. Looking to make reservation in New Orleans for next week, I tried it both ways with "flexible dates" at the New Orleans Marriott. The cash rates ranged from $94 to $219 per night depending on the date, while the points required were 40,000 regardless of the date. Thus, the points value ranged from .00235 to .005475. Like the rates, the difference is more than double. Is there any explanation for this? I guess what I'm most curious about is not how much the points are worth, but why the "points" rate never changes.