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Is Platinum Elite Really Worth It?

Question asked by gnw on Dec 7, 2015
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This year I became a first-time Marriott Platinum Elite member.   The 75 nights/year requirement is rather high when you consider that out of (approximately) 260 Monday-Friday working days in a calendar year, you are spending around 29% of them staying at a Marriott property.


After reading about all the benefits that the highest tier of Marriott Reward status has to offer, and now having a year to experience this first-hand, I can honestly say that my overall experiences this year have been far from "Elite", let alone "Platinum".   What it appears to boil down to is "knowing" which specific Marriott properties recognize Platinum Elite benefits - and which properties to avoid.


I would like to hear from fellow Platinum Elite members in this group on whether you feel investing your travel expenses towards achieving Platinum Elite is really worth it or not.  Perhaps my perspective of this Rewards Tier is not realistic (given this is my first year at this Tier level).


Thank you.