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Gold Status Challenge/Rollover Question

Question asked by keonjee on Dec 8, 2015
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Hi everyone,


I had a question regarding the Marriott Gold Status challenge and how roll over works. I became a Silver member back in November when I signed up for the gold status challenge (6 stays within 3 months),  I've called Marriott several times about this, but I am getting different answers every time. After hitting silver, I've had about 20 more nights and I estimate the year end total to be about 30 nights (but 5 stays).


My question was: if I meet the 6 stays by the end of the year in 2015, would all my nights above 10 (to renew Silver for next year) not roll over since I would be a gold member going into 2016. The answer was yes, which I understood.


Then I asked, if I meet the 6 stays in January, would all my nights in excess of 10 nights rollover since I would go into 2016 as Silver THEN I would become gold. This is where things got interesting. Out of the 4 times I've called, 2 representatives said all nights would rollover from 2015 allowing me to begin the year with gold status AND the 20 nights. Other 2 said that the moment I meet the status challenge, all nights below 50 would wipe out.


Did anything like this happen to you guys? I'd appreciate any input!