Marriott is standardizing points on Sustainable Stay

Discussion created by keplertracker on Dec 8, 2015
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Just an FYI -


Marriott is standardizing their Sustainable Stay program (where you forgo your daily maid service in lieu of points).   Before November 2015, the Philadelphia Marriott Courtyard used to give 1,000 points/night.   Now, its just 500 points/night which is still higher than the 250 points/night of normal Courtyards.   I wish that Marriott still gave the higher points because as a business travel, I don't have a need for daily maid service AND because it saves so much carbon (less laundry, less energy used to vacuum, less cleaning products used). 


The Philly Downtown Courtyard is honestly the NICEST Courtyard I've ever stayed at - it's better than the Philadelphia Marriott (old and need a refresh badly) and the Philadelphia Residence Inn (also in need of a refresh).   I believe that's why they can offer a higher number of points than the standard Courtyard