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Guaranteed Room type and "Destination" / Resort properties

Question asked by yosof on Dec 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2015 by yosof

Just checked into Wailea Beach Marriott Resort on a 5 night cash stay celebrating our anniversary (and my 73rd night this year). Room type was not available and was told that because this is a "Destination" property, the Platinum guarantee does not apply. Instead of a King room, we were told that only a 2 Queen room is available. :-(


(Reservation was booked almost 3 months in advance, and we received correspondence with the Elite Coordinator by email last week. However, the room appointed is completely not as advertised.)


Upon checking into the room (first floor room, slightly damp and a tad moldy), we found that the beds were actually not even queens - they were doubles! (This isn't just my eyes getting old - iPhone measured much less than 60 inches.)


Apparently this hotel considers doubles to be queen beds? Is this a "Destination" / Resort thing as well, that their Queens are actually small doubles?