ERC is alive and well and getting great upgrades

Discussion created by bejacob on Dec 7, 2015
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Hey fellow Insiders,


While I didn't actually get to visit with our old buddy erc on my weekend trip to Washington D.C., we did catch up by phone. He's doing great, traveling here and there and scoring some amazing upgrades (like a Junior Presidential suite in S.F. and a top floor water view at the Baltimore Renaissance Harborplace). He traces his success on upgrades back to the time he took a break from MRI and worries that returning would jinx him.  I believe he's off to NOLA next.


So, let me pass along a hearty greeting to the Marriott Rewards Insiders community from erc. He called out a few folks by name for good or for ill (you can decide which category fits best ). We didn't speak long but he did give a shout out to iahflyr, foxglove, pluto77, ssindc, jerrycoin, communitymanagers, brightlybob, vaboywnder, and kharada46. There were a few others, by my memory fails me at the moment (a sure sign of geezerhood ).


In any case, I let him know he has been missed around these parts. I was pleased that he asked me to pass along so many greetings. Perhaps when the string of upgrades runs out and he can no longer blame it on his participation (or lack thereof) on this site, he'll return. I hope so.