Our disappointing experience at Gaylord Palms Florida

Discussion created by joepuglia on Dec 3, 2015
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We go to Gaylord every year for the Christmas experience. The last 4 years we have stayed at Gaylord the same week every year because my wife is a school teacher and we go Thanksgiving break. It's the same every year.

Well we thought this year was no different. Your web site advertised the holiday special complete with show, ice and tree lighting. So we took advantage of the Florida resident special.

When we got to Gaylord and checked into our room we noticed that the lights we always look forward to seeing were not on. We always enjoyed sitting on the balcony and looking at the lights. At the time we just thought that maybe they will go on later.  We'll they never did.

We took a walk around the atrium to pass some time because we had dinner reservations at Vila de Flora later in the evening. As we did we noticed that no one was sitting around stage like people normally do to see the 6:30 show. We thought that maybe we were just early. But as time got close nothing was happening and no one was allowed to enter the seating area. I asked a worker what was going on he told me there was no show tonight. In fact, there was not going to be a show until Tuesday.

My wife got visibly upset when she heard that because that was the day we were checking out! I asked to speak to a manager to find out what was going on and why this year there is no show or lightning. After waiting a few minutes 2 guys came to me ask what the problem was. When I explained that we came to specifically see the show, lighting and experience ice and why the date was changed, I was told by one of the managers that the date this year was changed to start on Tuesday and not Sunday.

So then I told him that we were not aware of this and we were very disappointed. We would have not booked our stay if we new it was changed. Hoping that the manager would do something for us to make us feel better about the situation he did the complete opposite!! He told us that date was on the we site and if we didn't want to stay we could just check out and go home and we wouldn't be charged.

WHAT??? Check out and go home? You call this making us feel better? My wife started to cry and manager had no empathy for us at all. I asked and almost begged for him to do something to salvage this. I even made recommendations and nothing was done except giving us a bottle of cheap wine.

What a disappointment. Your main phone number waiting message says you call your employees stars. What a joke. He was not star.


I hope this email gets read by someone who will make some changes with your management customer training.

Oh and by the way he also never apologized. How sad is that?