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Rude Marriott Rewards Email - "Your Account: Your 2015 Travel Personality"

Question asked by guykid on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by clebert

Anyone else find the recent "Your Account: Your 2015 Travel Personality" email from Marriott rewards to be super snarky and relatively rude? I was rated to travel like Undiscovered Talent and told I did not stay a Marriott hotels enough during my travel. I think the marketing here really fell flat and I was put off greatly by the content of the email. The email defs makes me not want to stay at Marriott in the future and I think it was a big miss on the sign off and sending of the email. Who knows, maybe some folks were rated really high and told they did a great job. For all of us bottom feeders, we have to up our game in 2016 I guess to get a thank you email from the hotel chain that we stay at in our travel. Super marketing fail :/ reminds me of the AirBnB "You're welcome" tax marketing in CA. Big whiff.