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When will we be able to book Starwood Hotels using Marriott points?

Question asked by lakeshore on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2015 by misterchk

We sadly cancelled our trip to Paris and London, literally hours before we were supposed to leave on Monday night, when the US State Dept. Issued its warning for international travelers.         We didn't want to blow all of our Marriott points and Frequesnt flier miles with our young children traveling with us, with the warnings issued. We will return to Paris when it will be more carefree. I am sure it is fine, but we would have felt a bit on edge, and we wanted a stressfree(or as relatively stress free as you can get when traveling with children) Vacation, so now here we are with our points and me needing a break! 

I am looking at Hawaii...when will we be able to book Starwood hotels? I am sorry if this has been answered, but I have been out of the loop!

Thanks so much for any info you can throw my way!

Happy, safe travels,


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