Celebratory greetings!

Discussion created by foxglove on Dec 3, 2015
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Birthday greetings go out today to jerrycoin -- as well as yours truly. In fact, I just changed my Insider profile age range to reflect a new decade. Also, a "Happy Anniversary!" today to madmax. (We miss you, max.)


Here's what Mrs. Fox surprised me with this AM. (After a decade+ of heavy use, the old CharBroil had almost burned through the bottom of the kettle.) This baby will be put into action this weekend when I smoke a couple of salmon flanks for a big 6-0 wingding.


Table down...


...and up. Also, a new chimney charcoal starter.


Removable circular center grill insert for adjusting direct-heat fire:


Removable charcoal baskets for indirect-heat grilling and smoking:


Happy holidays, Insiders, and happy cooking!