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For those of you who may want to book a flight on United Airlines and for those of you who currently have reservations please check and recheck your reservations for possible and probably schedule changes.  These changes may be as simply as a flight number or annoying as a change to the aircraft type that can cause changes in the seats you've already select or a complete foul up on your schedule.


I've had changes before that caused us to completely change from departing one NYC airport to another because they completely cancelled and removed the flight from their schedule.  We've also had them move the scheduled departure time an hour later or more which would cause us to have possibly missed a planned event, yet have not really put out a rant as I am about to do.


As Previously on seen on United dot com:


  • Original reservation IAH-PVR departing at 8:45 AM and upgraded to First Class using reward miles
  • Random review of my flights in my account I come upon a flight change that I must acknowledge before I am able to proceed with the review. You are able to see what changed for the most part in RED which can and is in many cases a false sense of security.
  • Aircraft changed from originally booked B738 with 16 First Class seats to an A320 with only 12 First Class seats.


The last bullet item is where I screwed up as I should have gone to a new reservation and looked at what changed before accepting the changes.   Lesson learned and it will not happen again that I miss that step when finding a reservation has changed. 


My first thought was they cancelled the first flight of the day and now this 11:45 AM flight is the first and/or maybe the only flight of the day.  Since I upgraded using miles and the only person of the six traveling together that had upgraded I got bumped from the 8:45 AM flight to the next and last flight of the day leaving at 11:45 AM.  This flight gets me into PVR (presuming it is not cancelled) not with the rest of our golf team for a practice round that afternoon for a tournament that starts the following day, I don't land until 2:20 PM and will miss the days events.  Day one RUNIED and if I wanted to change back to the 8:45 AM flight I would have to pay a change fee of $200 since no seats in First Class available sit in EconPlus, ahhh but they will refund my 25,000 miles just not entertain waiving the change fee. Customer service yes indeed, NOT!!!!

These tickets were purchased in July 2015 for a trip next month.


Next UA event this past week:


  • Original reservation IAH-LAX-MRY round trip ticket purchased in First Class as the ticket was less than $240 more than Economy.
  • Return leg MRY-LAX-IAH schedule to leave MRY at 10:15 AM with a 1+15 connect time in LAX.
  • Random review of my flights in my account I come upon a flight change that I must acknowledge before I am able to proceed with the review. You are able to see what changed for the most part in RED which can and is in many cases a false sense of security.
  • Departure time in MRY changed to 11:17 AM giving a 31 minute connection AND a change in Terminal at LAX.

Rather than accept the change I started looking around on their website and found at least one benefit of this change is the aircraft from LAX-IAH changed from a B738 to a B789, yes the new larger Dreamliner.  Downside the note between the two flights even annotates "Ricky Connection", REALLY, do the actually think that is anything less than risky.

Options are:

  • Accept the changes and pray everything goes well.
  • To foul up the last day in MRY and fly to LAX that afternoon and then keep the 1 PM Dreamliner flight.
  • Leave MRY in rental cart that we will have to get since we were not going to rent a car and ive to SFO to fly from SFO later that day.
  • Leave MRY on a 6:05 AM flight to LAX and sit for 5+36 hours for our flight and possibly get on Stand-by on an earlier flight.
  • Leave MRY on new 11:17 AM flight and change the flight from LAX to 4:06 PM.
  • Keep looking for other options which are slim.

The idea of staying overnight in LAX and getting an In-N-Out burger by the airport is at this point the best option.

Anything from SFO is a huge jump in airfare and not appealing. 

Renting a car and driving to SFO, still have to deal with the change in airfare.

Early morning flight from MRY is just not what we want to do let alone sit at LAX in the United Club for hours checking in with different gates to see if we get on from Stand-by.

Changing to the 4:06 PM LAX-IAH flight puts us on a B739 and long layover in LAX, not preferred either.

Come on United, I understand schedule changes are necessary from time to time, but waive any and all change fees in order to accommodate a customer that you by the mere schedule change have completely inconvenienced. I am not actually upset about paying a higher airfare OTHER than the fact it is not what our original was and wanted to avoid SFO completely.  United reservation agents should be given the power to override these type of things similar to what Continental folks could do when circumstances put a traveler in this type of situation.


Moral of the story, check, recheck and continue to do that until your day of departure.