Impressions on Granada & Seville Autographs

Discussion created by cyrill on Dec 1, 2015

Just spent 2 nights at both over the Thanksgiving week. All nights paid, no redemption.


Granada property is extremely conveniently located. Two blocks from old town and two-three blocks from the foothill of Albazin. Alhambra is a short bus trip away. Valet parking is the only option at 21E. As a PPE, got an upgrade to a courtyard room. Fairly small. Bathroom is adequate with large towels, robes, slippers. Since it is also an AC (a cumbersome distinction), we got continental breakfast that was just fine. Juice, pastries, espresso to order, pates and cheese - no quantity limitations (see below)


Service was friendly but without a personal touch I am used to receiving at almost all European Marriott locations. Room cleaning was subpar. There were shelves with dust layers thick enough to write on. But overall the impression was positive.


Seville is a different case altogether. There is no parking and I contacted the property ahead and ask for parking suggestion. It is a full ten minute walk from the main underground city parking structure that costs 18E per day. Overall hotel location is excellent - around the corner from the Cathedral, next to the Barrio Santa Cruz and other shopping/dining/tapasin locations. The terrace bar overlooks the Giralda and the roofs of the old town


That's where the good stuff ends. I got an upgrade to deluxe, which is normal for a PPE. The bath portion of the bathroom was ridiculous. Tropical Rain shower head splatters water all over the floor. It appears to have just two settings -cold or very hot. Reaching the control through the tropical shower proves unpleasant at either settings :-)


We got continental breakfast, but what a difference from Granada! We were forcefully advised that we can only have 1 juice each, one coffee each, two tiny pastries each. The waiter's condescension was completely unwarranted. If you want to save on an extra coffee or a pastry roll, just don't include breakfast like the do at the Toledo AC (a great property, BTW, with stunning views, great room upgrades, just no breakfast). Too bad, no tips for you. I had a tiny jar of beluga caviar with me so we complimented ourselves with the two free pieces of bread. :-)

Front desk staff was kind of friendly, meaning they would acknowledge your existence, but not anywhere near the attention you get in other Marriotts. This hotel needs a better manager to train the staff big time.


Overall impression of the AC/AU property in Seville - I will not stay there again.


The last night we spent at the AC Aeropuerto in Madrid. The room was great, large, clean. We had to leave way before they serve breakfast, but there was an espresso machine with unlimited cartridges available 24/7.