Location recommendation: Germany's one of the best!

Discussion created by fistuk on Nov 22, 2015
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Not too long ago I was taking a 2 nights weekend break in Cologne, Germany. It turned out to be a very surprising city:

While it's not considered to be one of the major cities in Germany, it's a 'not discovered yet' jewel located on the Rhine river (west side of the country).

A lot of people come to this city as part of a business trip as the city has an industrial zone attached to it, but it still doesn't say Cologne is not for tourists! Personally, I didn't know what to expect but upon entering the city I was astonished!! What a lovely city!!!








Of course, a short break can't be perfect without having the right type of accommodation, so I trusted my 'Marriott 6th sense' and booked the Cologne Marriott hotel - discovered to be the perfect match for all traveller's needs:

The hotel is located just a 5 minute walk from the central station - very convenient if you take a train from the airport to the city and back. It's location is adjacent to all main areas in the city - all within a walking distance (the old part of the city, the cathedral, the river boardwalk etc'...).

The hotel itself is a very modern one, seems to be quite new, offering its guests spacious modern decorated rooms and all required facilities.

As a platinum member, in addition to getting a room upgrade, I got access to one of the most, discovered to be, attractive executive lounges! It's modernly decorated and offering good quality food (also at evening time) with all types of beverages (including multiple alcoholic drinks), complimentary of course.

BUT it's big advantage is the two balconies attached to it:

These balconies are part of the lounge and have a direct access from within the lounge. Unlike other lounges I've been to, in this one you don't have to exit and go somewhere else if, for example, you'd like a smoke or have some fresh air. For me a big plus to the experience was being able to enjoy my cigar on the balcony after dinner 

Considering the fact that I managed to get all this for just €94/night (using the LNF rate) - no doubt this is value for money!


So... going to Germany sometime soon? Try not to miss this location.